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in her Aura

During the last few days of 2017, like most people, I started thinking about my resolutions for the new year ahead. Although I won't share all of them with you, one that I was particularly exhilarated by and insistent on was to shoot internationally. I had made it a personal goal, with all the overseas traveling I had accomplished over the past year, to manage the time and space in my following upcoming trips for a photo shoot - and add a new pin on the timeline of my career.

This series was taken in Puerto Rico, in the streets of Old San Juan under the excoriating heat. I look at these photos now and all I can think of is how badly I wish I could go back and retake them... Not because they aren't good, but because I think I had a unique opportunity, and unsurprisingly, the outcome of the photos just weren't enough for me. I wish, as being in a time and place as beautiful as Puerto Rico, that I had taken a few steps back (literally) from the moment and captured more of the inherent scenic beauty Puerto Rico has to offer - and that would have given this series the element of attraction I desire.  

It was an experience I am grateful for, for many reasons including the chance to meet new people living across the world fro me, the chance to challenge my photographic abilities in a foreign environment, the chance to do something for the first time, and of course, an opportunity to learn for the next time. Although this photo shoot strikes unfortunate strings of disappointment (a lack of balance between "maximizing the moment" and "living in it" as I've neatly concluded), for the fairness of all those involved and their time, I am sharing these photos with you. But mark my words Puerto Rico, I will be back. And I will be better. 

With that, I would like to emphasize my gratitude to the remarkable model who remained resilient through the unbearable heat and long up-hill walks from one end of Old San Juan to the next, for absolutely no advantage of her own. She had nothing to gain from this and for that, I cannot thank her enough. 

Photographer: Eldora Crystal

Stylist/Creative Director: Eldora Crystal

Model: Liann Odette

Jewelry: Michael's