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Desert Queen

A crowd favourite - but I cannot take full credit for Desert Queen. The preliminary concept of Desert Queen was founded by a friend, originally conspired to be a clothing brand for women. My friend shared their idea with me to print an Arabian Muslim woman, niqab and all, wearing a crown over her head, as one of the many images the brand would incorporate to represent beauty and royalty among these women. A year later, the clothing brand was left as last discussed, merely an idea.
For my friend's birthday that year, I thought it would be nice to set their idea on fire and gift a version of Desert Queen that would encourage them in pursuing their plans. I spent two weeks hand making the entire headpiece with the amateur tools I had available (my dad's pliers, eyebrow tweezers, scissors, crazy glue, old jewelry and many trips to Michael's). After several nights of stabbing my fingers attempting my hand in jewelry making, I finally got the headpiece to look decently how I envisioned it. 
The day of the photo shoot, I spontaneously asked my younger brother if he would like to accompany me in the shoot - another anecdote making this series a great memory. At the time my little brother had been exploring  his own interest in photography and doing really good at it. Being able to work alongside him and break his "in-studio photo shoot" virginity was a really nice sister-brother moment. We shared the same camera that day and he swears he took this picture (he didn't!).