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Two weeks till Speak! (a grassroots initiative showcasing local urban talent) and I still had to build an entire 40ft display wall, print 25 photographs (some double my size), sell the last of our remaining tickets, push the last stretch of online promotion, attend pressing executive meetings, have a grip on my anxiety... oh, and produce last minute photo shoots so that I may have new content to edit, print and display at the event - Flower Dust being one of them.


Flower Dust goes into the books as a Speak! exclusive. Completely organized, planned and executed based on my stubbornness and desire on wanting new photos to showcase. Without Speak! I can't be sure that Flower Dust would have ever materialized.  

It isn't the photo shoot that makes this piece a delightful reminder towards my passion for photography - and it isn't the event. These two in isolation, although respectively significant, are not what make the memory of this series a powerful driver. It is the combination of both occurring simultaneously. The rush of organizing the event coupled with my determination to take on new photo shoots was a great deal of stress that I look back on and admire.

Emotionally, this point in my life made me realize how passionate I am... about photography, about running a business, about having clients, about meeting deadlines, about taking on more than I could handle - and also, that the famous quote by Mark Twain, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” holds truth. 



Photographer: Eldora Crystal

Stylist/Creative Director: Eldora Crystal

Model: Jenna Pounder

Jewelry: Aldo Accessories 

Head Piece: Made by Eldora Crystal