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Majestic Meagan is a memorable photo shoot. The shoot (and its title) emerged from a local magazine company reaching out to collaborate on their upcoming release. The theme was "majestic".


Any photo shoot opportunity gets me excited, however, it being the first time a magazine selectively contacts me, this was a different kind of excitement. Since someone had sought me out, I felt a sense of loyalty to prove to them that they made the right call. It took me a few weeks to tackle down and pinpoint exactly how I would creatively conceptualize the shoot to capture the theme. "Majestic" made me think of many things, including large scale ideas like fashion models co-modeling with horses - but thinking more realistically and as a minority, I was stuck on the idea of using a coloured model for this shoot to highlight ethnic beauty in a majestic lens.

I know what you're thinking, Meagan (the model in the image) is not a person of colour... but when I saw Meagan working at Chapters that evening while I had my arms deep in Vogue magazines, it was almost instantaneous when I looked over at my friend and said "I need to use her".


Photographer: Eldora Crystal

Stylist/Creative Director: Eldora Crystal

Model: Meagan Harvey

Jewelry: Aldo Acessories

The characteristics of her facial landscape made her stand out to me like rays of sunlight filtering through translucent clouds. The combination of conventional yet distinct beauty. I was attracted to Meagan by an unknown force that pushed me (like two hands on my back gravitating me towards her) to do something I had never done before... step out of my comfort zone and ask a complete stranger if they'd be interested in modelling, leaving me completely vulnerable and open to rejection. 

As a photographer, this photo shoot becomes a landmark in my timeline. Both in the idea that my work had been published for the very first time and in finding the fortitude and balls to overcome my fear. It also functions as a reminder that even when you're insistent on a certain vision, sometimes things happen unexpectedly and you adjust into another direction, despite pre-determined plans... and it works out.