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This photo shoot was inspired during a sensitive political climate influenced by the modern wave of Islamophobia. With the global rise of anti-Muslim hate crimes along with the influence of my immediate and significant surroundings, the topic of Islam swiftly became a concentrated subject in my daily thoughts. Inherently, due to my constant search for the truth and understanding, my interest in wanting to understand Islam consumed me in nearly every aspect of life. Unintentionally and almost naturally, Islam became a second thought... How the subject in question might relate to Islam, how Islam would view or consider it, how Islamic traditions treated it, what the Qur'an had to say about it....


After learning the foreground of the Islamic religion, both through independent exploring and support of beloved individuals, I have been able to shape my view of Islam in a glorified perspective. In extension, as I always try to have my photos project in some way an extension of myself, this series embodies the period of my life where I discovered the necessity in shedding a positive spotlight on Muslim women (especially in the realm of the fashion industry). How their beauty, their strength, their sisterhood and their presence are fundamentally fascinating.

Photographer: Eldora Crystal

Stylist/Creative Director: Eldora Crystal

Model: Maya Abdahla, Ayat Joudeh, Mona K Ahmad